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TEACHERS have been banned from telling students at a Leicestershire school that they're ...good' or ...bad' - with naughty behaviour re-labelled ...unskilful'.

Staff at Loughborough Amherst School have been told by the headteacher to change their language as a way to ...take the emotional heat... out of discipline.

Loughborough Amherst SchoolA headteacher inspired by Buddhist teaching has banned the use of the words ...good' or ...bad' when it comes to pupils' discipline '/ '

And when students behave well, they'll be told they're ...skilful' instead.

Head Dr Julian Murphy says the new policy is ...not inspired by political correctness... - and the school is ...quite strict....

However, he said he's ...not interested in making young people feel bad....

Rejecting claims the school is trendy or progressive - or letting children off with poor behaviour - he told i: ...While I don’t want teachers to be soft, I also don’t want them to be shouty and make pupils feel guilty. 

...I think it’s human psychology, even when you’re an adult.

...If people make you feel guilty, then you get angry and then actually that’s when you’re likely to play the blame game and not to work that well. 

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...That’s when things get into a bit of a vicious circle....

Dr Murphy, who took the school’s new terminology from Buddhism, says the word ‘unskilful’ shows ...concern... rather than ...anger....

He said: ...You’re not really angry with them.

...Your action is actually much more one of concern.

...That's because they’re behaving in an extremely unskilful way, which is going to negatively affect their life chances and possibly those of people around them....


The school enforces a behaviour policy designed to tackle ...low-level disruption'.

It means students can still get expelled for handing in homework late or dropping litter, but only if they carry out such behaviour repeatedly.

However, in most cases, Dr Murphy said he doesn't want children to ...worry....

Instead, he said they'll be told: ...Just take your medicine and learn for next time....

Meanwhile, mums at one Bristol school claim their children are coming home with headaches after toilet breaks were banned during lessons.

        We want them to take their medicine and learn for next time

                Dr Murphy               

Students at King's Oak Academy, Kingswood are reportedly not allowed to go to the loo outside break times unless they have a medical pass.

Parents claim it means their kids aren't drinking during the day to ensure they don't have to ask.

And a row has broken out at a Teesside school over mums and dads turning up in their pyjamas to drop kids off.

The head of Ayrseome Primary School has admitted there won't be any consequences for those who do the morning run in dressing gowns.

But Charlotte Haylock urged parents to dress property in a widely-shared Facebook post.

Staff at the school in Loughborough have been told to use ...skilful' or ...unskilful' instead

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