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A TEACHER ...convinced... she was in a relationship with a pupil became ...furious... when she discovered the girl had a boyfriend, a court heard.

Carly Dear allegedly plied the girl with sweets to groom her before groping her in changing rooms and repeatedly sexually assaulting her.

SWNSCarly Dear is accused of sexually assaulting a pupil '/ '

The 46-year-old PE teacher told the Maidstone Grammar School for Girls pupil “I missed you so much” when she returned from holidays, it is said.

Dear is also accused of telling the girl she loved her repeatedly and coaxing her back to her home in Whitstable, Kent, where she carried out progressively serious sexual acts.

Canterbury Crown Court heard the teacher, who denies seven charges of historic sexual abuse, assaulted the pupil for ...a lot of years....

Even after the student started university, Dear allegedly ...kept hounding her... and travelled hundreds of miles to her campus and locked her in a hotel room in a bid to perform sexual acts.

But jurors were told when she said she was going to the police, Dear ...panicked... and said she would send her around £10,000.

The girl told police: ...Looking back on it, oh God, it makes me go all cold.

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...When I turned 18 it really ramped up big time. I almost felt like I was in a full-blown relationship with her.

...When I slept with 'a boy I was dating ' I remember her being furious about it. In that summer something clicked and I thought this isn't quite right.

...I can't bring myself to say her name, I found it hard, really really hard....

The alleged victim also claimed she was scared... no one would believe her and think she was a ...stupid kid... if she came forward.

Jurors heard how Dear insists she had a ...brief sexual relationship... with the girl when she was 18.

She denies five counts of indecent assault, one count of abusing a position of trust and inciting sexual activity with a girl aged between 13 and 17.

The trial continues.

SWNSDear was a teacher at Maidstone Grammar School at the time '/ '